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Diamant LLC, established in 2014, is an innovative enterprise. It intends to develop and manufacture competitive and export-oriented solutions for elemental analysis of substances using the tagged neutrons method. The major applications of the technology are the high-tech elemental composition analyzers of ore (AGP-F), targeting to mining and concentrating plants of chemical and metallurgical industry and the separator for the dry enrichment of kimberlite ore, for diamond mining industries.

Diamant LLC constructs devices based on the method of tagged neutrons (TNM). The technology enables a remote elemental analysis of large size ore samples both on a conveyor belt or in-field conditions. The fundamental concept of the TNM is object irradiation by fast 14.1 MeV neutrons with the subsequent gamma quanta registration from inelastic scattering reactions. They are unique for every chemical element and allow to measure sought-for content, even shielded by another substance.

TNM allows determining the spatial distribution of 24 chemical elements concentration: Na, Mg, C, N, O, F, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Pb, Sn, Bi. A certain possibility to identify other elements is subject to research cooperation.

The technology permits performing an express elemental analysis of ore samples up to 10 kilos, with no preliminary sample preparation. Optimal sample characteristics are–weight to 5-10 kg, natural moisture, size up to 100 mm, picked up straight from the quarry. Immediate measuring provides data on the percentage content of the sample components within 10 minutes. It enhances efficiency and delivers a commercial impact through evaluation of materials.

Diamant LLC cooperates successfully with the mining and enrichment plants of Russia such as “Apatite” JSC and “EuroChem” group. The industrial implementation confirmed the validity of the TNM. The potentials of AGP-F to detect correctly the mass concentration of P2О5 revealed a relative accuracy of three percent.

Operational geological inspection, quality control services can profit from using AGP-F to measure concentrations of various chemical components in field conditions (quarry, underground mine, past dumps), and at concentrators mills (technical control department).

Because of the AGP-F ability to determine a wide range of elements, Diamant LLC can manufacture specific kinds of equipment concerning the customer’s technical specifications.