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Drilling and Blasting
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Exploration Services
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Drilling and Blasting
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Exploration Services


LLC “Adji-Service” has been operating since 1998 throughout Kyrgyzstan and has all the relevant licenses for work related to the handling of explosive materials.

The company has established itself as a responsible and serious business partner, maintaining an irreproachable reputation from day to day.

The company provides the full range of services in drilling and blasting operations, has modern equipment and advanced technologies, which allows it to carry out works at the most modern level, providing the highest degree of safety and efficiency, while respecting all established GOSTs and other standards.

For the production of mass explosions, the company uses only high-quality explosives and EE. Verified EM, availability of special equipment, qualified specialists all this makes our company a leader in the market of drilling and blasting operations.


Drilling and Blasting

AGR Software

AGR Software LLC is the leading Russian supplier of innovative IT solutions for automated prospecting, surveying and mining. The company is a developer of the AGR 4 information system (www.agr4.ru). AGR Software has been a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2015.

AGR 4 helps mining companies to effectively manage the following tasks:

  • Provide electronic documentation for mine openings in strict compliance with corporate geological standards.
  • Automate the sampling process, introduce the bar coding technology and facilitate fast data exchange with laboratories.
  • Standardize data exchange with drilling and geological contractors.
  • Automatically generate reports pursuant to the requirements of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ), and create a digital geological database for geo-mathematical modeling.
  • Ensure structured storage and effective management of geological data within a corporation.

* Provide top management with real-time data on mining projects.

AGR is based on a cutting edge platform for collecting, storing and processing geological data. Custom geological databases and corporate geological data management solutions can be created on its basis on demand.


IT Solutions

AGT Systems

AGT Systems is authorized supplier of advanced technologies for exploration industry. Specifically, AGT provides integrated systems, equipment and services in the fields of Geophysics, and the Geological, Geotechnical and Geochemical sciences, including land, airborne and marine systems.

Geosoft Oasis montaj and Target software packages provide a wide range of capabilities for geophysical, geochemical and geological data processing and interpretation, including 2D and 3D modeling.

AGT Systems provides warranty services and technical support, training and post-warranty services on request.




AlmazGeoBur LLС provides complex supply of drilling (exploration) equipment and tools for undertaking geological surveys. As a result of solid partner relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling tools, we offer the most favorable terms for supply of the full product line of mining and geological prospecting equipment. Our company is the official distributor for manufacturers such as:

  • DBC Makina (Turkey) – manufacturer of drilling devices using the core-drill method applied in surface mining and in underground mining.
  • DEVICO (Norway) – manufacturer of geophysical survey equipment and tools for directional drilling with the use of wireline coring systems
  • IPI Packers (Australia) – provides a wide range of custom and standart packer-based production for the mining and geotechnical industries.
  • Dimatec (Canada) – diamond tools manufacturer

Additionally, our company offers maintenance and other services including:

  • repair and maintenance service for drilling devices using the core-drill method;
  • services of manufacturing engineer specialising in mud flush (mud-flush agent / drilling agent);
  • geophysical equipment for hire (magnetic/non-magnetic directional survey tool (inclinometer), drill core orientator (orientation tool/device) ).

We offer spare (replacement) parts for drilling devices from the following manufacturers:

  • BLY: LF70, LF90C/D, LF230, LM55, LM75
  • Atlas Copco: CS-14, CS-10, CS-1000, Diamec 262, U6, U8
  • Sandvik DE-140/130
  • Schramm: T685WS, T455WS/T455i, T450GT, T450WS, T450BH.

We work with leading Canadian manufacturers to provide wireline coring systems (of the following types: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ) and diamond rock cutting tools.

Almazgeobur realizes complex supply of equipment and tools for well drilling using the method of reverse circulation (RC drilling).

We deliver throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries. Thanks to the availability of warehouses in Moscow and Khabarovsk cooperation becomes effective and mutually beneficial.



Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is dedicated to developing and providing advanced technologies and equipment for particle size analysis. Our Particle Counting and Characterization products are implemented in all major areas such as chemistry, nanotechnology, mining industry and material sciences to simplify and automate existing processes in the lab.

For more information please visit www.beckman.com




DATAMINE is a world leading provider of the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in thirteen countries, DATAMINE provides solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modelling to mine planning and operations to over 1,400 companies worldwide. Our software solutions integrate with our consulting and training services to ensure that we provide our clients with industry-leading support and expertise.


IT Solutions


Diamant LLC, established in 2014, is an innovative enterprise. It intends to develop and manufacture competitive and export-oriented solutions for elemental analysis of substances using the tagged neutrons method. The major applications of the technology are the high-tech elemental composition analyzers of ore (AGP-F), targeting to mining and concentrating plants of chemical and metallurgical industry and the separator for the dry enrichment of kimberlite ore, for diamond mining industries.

Diamant LLC constructs devices based on the method of tagged neutrons (TNM). The technology enables a remote elemental analysis of large size ore samples both on a conveyor belt or in-field conditions. The fundamental concept of the TNM is object irradiation by fast 14.1 MeV neutrons with the subsequent gamma quanta registration from inelastic scattering reactions. They are unique for every chemical element and allow to measure sought-for content, even shielded by another substance.

TNM allows determining the spatial distribution of 24 chemical elements concentration: Na, Mg, C, N, O, F, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Pb, Sn, Bi. A certain possibility to identify other elements is subject to research cooperation.

The technology permits performing an express elemental analysis of ore samples up to 10 kilos, with no preliminary sample preparation. Optimal sample characteristics are–weight to 5-10 kg, natural moisture, size up to 100 mm, picked up straight from the quarry. Immediate measuring provides data on the percentage content of the sample components within 10 minutes. It enhances efficiency and delivers a commercial impact through evaluation of materials.

Diamant LLC cooperates successfully with the mining and enrichment plants of Russia such as “Apatite” JSC and “EuroChem” group. The industrial implementation confirmed the validity of the TNM. The potentials of AGP-F to detect correctly the mass concentration of P2О5 revealed a relative accuracy of three percent.

Operational geological inspection, quality control services can profit from using AGP-F to measure concentrations of various chemical components in field conditions (quarry, underground mine, past dumps), and at concentrators mills (technical control department).

Because of the AGP-F ability to determine a wide range of elements, Diamant LLC can manufacture specific kinds of equipment concerning the customer’s technical specifications.



Drilling Technologies Factory

Drilling Technologies Factory – is modern production company. We are one of the leading manufacturers of drilling rigs in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Our company is a regular participant of exhibitions and conferences on innovation in the development of drilling equipment for soil-investigation drilling. Our leading engineers, technicians are regularly trained and certified to provide development, producing and technical service of our equipment. The main principle of work is the provision of drilling companies with technical solutions in turnkey. From the selection of drilling equipment, design and manufacturing, to adapt to the specific drilling conditions, including completing the drilling tool. The main activities of the company are:

  • design and manufacture of drilling rigs;
  • modernization of existing models of drilling rigs;
  • manufacture of CPT rigs;
  • manufacture of drilling tools;
  • supply of imported drilling rigs;
  • warranty and post-warranty service of drilling equipment;
  • development and implementation of a variety of technical solutions in the field of drilling;
  • education and training.



Eastern Drilling Company

Eastern Drilling Company (EDC) – one of the largest Russian mineral drilling company. EDC is a subsidiary of FORACO International (3rd largest global mineral driller operating 308 rigs on 5 continents in 23 countries, having 56 years of experience and 2,200+ employees). EDC provides a broad variety of drilling services for mineral resources: diamond drilling, deep directional drilling , reverse circulation, air core drilling, large diameter drilling (up to 30” in diameter for exploration, bulk sampling, ventilation and backfilling holes, etc.), deep water well and dewatering drilling.

EDC fleet includes proprietary and technically innovative rigs, new Boart Longyear rigs and RC rigs, and other modern equipment for all kinds of exploration work (CAT dozers, camps etc.). We have experience bringing unique rigs into Russia from the global FORACO fleet for special drilling tasks. EDC has subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with all the necessary drilling licenses.

Eastern Drilling Company specializes in providing high-quality exploration services in compliance with international standards and best-in-class safety and environmental practices. We have extensive experience performing difficult projects in extreme climate conditions, in highly remote areas and terrains. Our ability to deliver high-quality drilling services on time, and on budget, is our key success factor.


Drilling and Blasting

Firma Codogni

“Firma Codogni” Sp.j. Stalowa Wola, Poland Forged Steel Balls for Grinding Mills for Non-Ferrous Metals Mining and Heat & Power Industries with diameters of 60, 80, 90 and 100 mm and surface hardness of 58-63 HRC. The material for the production of balls is obtained in the recovery process from scrap railhead type ST90PA. Since the mid-1990s, our steel balls have been used mainly in processing plants for copper, zinc, lead and rock ore mining, as well as in power plants and cement plants. Since the early 1990s our main domestic customer is KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. In 1999 we developed our own method of forging balls from the railhead, which allows us to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices. We have been awarded funding from the Regional European Development Fund, which supports activities related to internationalization.




The company provides a full range of geological, geophysical and geochemical research for search of deposits of ore minerals, diamonds, groundwater and hydrocarbons, including drilling and related works, as well as engineering and geological surveys. LLC “Gelios” is equipped with modern software and hardware, including by our own production, and has a staff of highly qualified specialists.


Exploration Services

Giprotsvetmet, lead by "Rostec – Business Development


JSC “Giprotsvetmet” is a research project and design institute of mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals that was founded in 1929.

  • Since 2008 JSC “Giprotsvetmet” is part of branch holding of the State Corporation “ROSTEC”.
  • The institute has implemented a system of operational management of the quality of products and services of the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the international quality management system and standard ISO 9001-2015, including the functionality of the general contractor.
  • JSC “GIPROTSVETMET” is the leading institute of Scientific and Engineering Centre (SEC), which also includes “TOMS ENGINEERING” and “VIOGEM”.
  • Specializes in the field of reserves calculations and evaluation of mineral deposits, design, construction of mining and metallurgical enterprises, project management in the mining industry, production and supply of the equipment, as well as turn-key projects with the EPC/EPCM format.
  • More than 60 enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy facilities were built and reconstructed in 28 different countries.
  • Issued over 21 patents and 600 copyright certificates.




The Republican center for geological information “Kazgeoinform” LLP (further – RCGI) is established according to the Government Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 376 in 2018, June 25.

RCGI is successor to the rights and obligations of the reorganised Republican center for geological information “Kazgeoinform” and the Republican state company on the right of operational management “Informative and Analytical centre for Geology and Mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The primary activity of RCGI is the collection, storage, processing and provision of geological information.

The responsibilities of RCGI are the gathering of geological information owned and used by the State, for the storage, consolidation, systematisation and provision of geological information to interested persons as the National operator for the collection, storage, processing and provision of geological information.


State Organisation

Magadan mechanical plant

JSC "Magadan mechanical plant" is a successfully developing company with long-time experience in its industrial sector. It's reckoning among Russian leading manufacturers.

Year of plant foundation - 1937.

Area of activity: production of ore-preparation equipment for gold- and platinum-bearing placer deposits, with productive capacity from 40 to 150 cbm per hour.

The main production is flushing equipment for alluvial gold deposits, which can be divided into four types: scrubber, hydro-elevator, based on lamellar screens, based on vibration screens.

The plant offers ready-made enriching complexes, electric and diesel-driven pumping stations, a wide variety of parts for mining equipment to gold-mining companies.

Now our plant supplies mining equipment in any place of the world.



Philip Morris International (PMI)

Philip Morris International (PMI) is one of the leading international tobacco companies, which products are sold in more than 180 countries. The company is building its future on smoke-free products that are a much better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes. PMI invests heavily in developing innovations that have the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.

Philip Morris Kazakhstan is a modern tobacco factory with a full production cycle and six regional offices in the largest cities of Kazakhstan. The products undergo regular quality control, based on more than 250 parameters. This ensures that cigarettes produced in Kazakhstan meet the highest international standards. The company is a backbone enterprise in the Almaty region and is among the top 10 largest taxpayers in Kazakhstan.

In 2016, one of the reduced-risk products (RRPs)* under the IQOS brand was introduced to the Kazakhstan market.

*Reduced-risk products (RRPs) — a term the company uses to refer to products with the potential to reduce the individual risk and population harm compared to smoking cigarettes.


Production company

Phoenix Geophysics

Phoenix Geophysics (Toronto, Canada) has been the world leader in Magnetotellurics (MT) systems since 1980. We manufacture and sell electromagnetic (EM) instruments and also offer complete survey operations. EM can help you cost-effectively explore for oil and gas, mining, underground water, diamonds etc. MT, the most-used EM technique, requires no man-made energy source but enables great depth of exploration, has a small equipment footprint, and is easily deployed. MT complements seismic in poor-seismic areas; provides rapid reconnaissance of new basins where seismic is expensive or difficult; and in some cases, shows direct hydrocarbon indicators. Phoenix equipment is used in more than 80 countries worldwide.


Exploration Services

Scientific Production Center GEOKEN

Scientific Production Center GEOKEN – is the leading Kazakhstan geophysical service provider that provides a wide range of geological-geophysical survey services, including onshore, offshore, and airborne surveys, engineering investigations, subsoil monitoring, consulting services and etc.

Main activities:

  • Geophysical survey services
  • Airborne geophysical surveys
  • Marine geophysics
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Engineering investigations
  • Complex interpretation
  • Geological modeling
  • Cartography and GIS services
  • Geodynamic monitoring

Innovative technologies:

  • Airborne magnetic survey with UAV
  • Borehole electrical exploration
  • Vector IP


Exploration Services

Shandong Humon Smelting Co.

Shandong Humon Smelting Co., LTD is a leading Chinese gold mining and floating company operating on the best integrated and stable devices. The company specializes in the processing and refining of gold-copper, gold-lead, rare-metal and semi-metal concentrates using the latest side and bottom purge systems with oxygen-enriched air. After thirty years of innovative development, the company has established a vertically integrated system, including exploration, search, mining, enrichment, metallurgy, refining, and deep processing. We are also starting to advance in the field of high-purity metals. Currently, during the year we buy various gold, silver, lead, copper concentrates, the volume of which is 1500 thousand tons, including 700 thousand tons of copper concentrates, 200 thousand tons of lead concentrates, 400 thousand tons of gold concentrates, 200 thousand tons of silver concentrates. Also, we produce 50 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 250 thousand tons of electrolytic copper, 100 thousand tons of electrolyte lead, 1300 thousand tons of sulfuric acid per year. In addition to this, using our own technologies, we also extract related components from combined resistant concentrates, produce antimony white, bismuth ingot, tellurium ingot, and arsenic.
Yantai Humon Chemical Auxiliary Co., LTD - a leading manufacturer specializing in mining chemicals in China, is one of the subsidiaries of the Humon group. The company produces xanthates 50,000 tons per year, dithiophosphates 10,000 tons per year, isopropylethylthionocarbamate 10,000 tons per year, sodium thioglycolate 40000 tons per year, 2 ethyl hexyl thioglycolate 6,000 tons per year, etc. More than 60% of products are exported to Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions.


Exploration Services

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing leadership in the areas of industry and industrial and innovative development, scientific and technological development of the country, the mining and smelting complex, development of local content, engineering, coal, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, light woodworking and furniture industry, the construction industry and the production of building materials, safety STI machinery and equipment and the safety of chemical products in accordance with industry-oriented; export controls; industrial safety; energy saving and energy efficiency; regulating the production of precious metals and the circulation of precious metals and precious stones, commodities containing precious metals, jewelry and other products; the creation, functioning and abolition of special economic zones; technical regulation, standardization and ensuring uniformity of measurements; mineral resources, with the exception of hydrocarbons; state geological study, reproduction of the mineral resource base; state management of subsoil use in terms of solid minerals, with the exception of uranium mining; in the areas of rail, road, inland water transport, merchant shipping, in the use of the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the activities of civil and experimental aviation, natural monopolies in the field of air navigation services and airports and in socially significant markets in the field of airport services, highways; architectural, urban planning and construction activities, housing relations, public utilities and municipal waste management (except for municipal solid waste), state regulation in the field of water supply and drainage, heat supply (except for heat and power plants and boilers that produce heat in the centralized heat supply zone) the limits of settlements; development and promotion of non-primary exports.


State Organisation

TOMS group

Companies of TOMS group provide services for mineral deposits development from the investment idea to the enterprise ramp up.

TOMS group possess essential competencies for planning and fulfillment of the whole scope of services and works for subsoil users and investors whether for fund raising or for a project at any stage of its development.

Group of companies TOMS specializes mainly in the following kinds of activities: geological exploration and consulting, scientific and research works in the sphere of mineral resources processing, elaboration of Design Criteria, engineering and building of mine workings, tail facilities and relevant infrastructure, processing plants and complexes for extraction of all kind of solid mineral deposits, packaged supplies of technological installations and plants, engineering works, technological maintenance.



Blast Movement Technologies

Making Every Ore Blast More Profitable

Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) helps resources companies significantly increase ore yield and minimize dilution through a unique solution that accurately measures 3-dimensional blast movement.

Increase Ore Recovery—Increase Profit per Blast

Controlling ore loss and dilution is critical for most mining operations. Getting it wrong can result in millions of dollars per year of lost revenue. Case studies show that if ore movement during a blast is not accounted for, up to 25% of a mine’s total recoverable product could end up as waste. Using the BMT solution, customers will “Know More” on how to maximise mineral resource recovery, hence they will “Get More” revenue from their ore deposits. In fact, the BMM System has become the standard for ore control in some of the world’s largest mining companies. Most companies achieve a positive return on investment in 2 – 3 blasts.


Drilling and Blasting


DMT GmbH & Co. KG is an independent engineering and consulting company active all around the world. The firm’s activities focus on the fields of mining engineering, natural resources exploration, construction and infrastructure projects, safety in buildings, product testing and measurement instrumentation in industrial settings and cokemaking technology. DMT provides consultancy services and assistance which are tailored specifically to the clients’ needs. It also provides impartial assessment or in the following six business units:

  • International Mining Consulting
  • Exploration & Geosurvey
  • Geo Engineering
  • Cokemaking Technology
  • Industry Systems
  • Building Safety

We provide multi-disciplinary engineering services to assist mining and exploration/development companies at all stages of the mining life-cycle, from the initial exploration stage, onwards. DMT´s joint-venture subsidiary IMC Montan is the leading consultancy, representing group´s interest and competence for over 20 years in cooperation with mining companies and investors in Russia and CIS countries.




For over a century, the mining industry has relied on FLSmidth to deliver exceptional technology, products and services. Today, FLSmidth offers integrated plant system solutions which can shorten your project schedule and lower your costs with a higher level of quality assurance from One Source.

As a One Source supplier, FLSmidth integrates testing, detailed design engineering, global procurement, expert process control, and localized services to ensure customized total packages. Utilizing the latest in equipment technology, resources, and materials, FLSmidth delivers optimum design and process support along with proprietary equipment for a complete minerals processing flowsheet. FLSmidth is the industry’s One Source for crushing, grinding, classifying, thickening, clarifying, filtering, slurry handling, flotation, mine shaft systems, pyroprocessing, material handling, automation, engineering, and modernization services.

We’ll work closely with you to find the right solution for your specific application. Recognized as a world leader in the mining industry, FLSmidth brings you proprietary equipment of leading brand names, along with an aggressive product development program for all your mineral processing and material handling needs.



IMC Montan

IMC Montan is an independent international mining consultancy. IMC Montan is one of the leading consulting companies in the mining sector of Russia. The Group also includes DMT GmbH & Co. (Germany), WYG Plc. (Netherlands).

IMC Montan has been successfully operating in Russia and the CIS since 1992. Since then the Company has implemented over 500 projects for mining companies, investors and banks.

Today the Company is a recognized technical consultant and sector expert; its opinion is respected by analytical agencies, audit and valuation companies, financial institutions, mining companies and Russian state authorities.

The range of the Company’s consulting services covers all solid mineral deposits and a full cycle of the mine life.

The main areas of the Company’s services include mining and geological audit compliant with international standards, technical and technological consulting, investment feasibility studies, improvement of labour productivity, optimisation of production processes, and engineering services.




Founded in Western Australia in 1986, MICROMINE is an independent provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry. From capturing, managing, visualising and understanding data to controlling and reporting on mine production, MICROMINE has a solution. MICROMINE is the only provider of solutions relevant to every stage of the mining process. Flexible, reliable and secure, MICROMINE’s Geobank software is the ideal data management solution for the resource industry. Geobank Mobile is a ground-breaking field logging solution that enables geological field data to be collected and manipulated accurately with real-time validation. Micromine software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling. Pitram is a fleet management and mine control solution that records, manages and processes mine site data in real-time. As a scalable solution, it is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production.


IT Solutions

MMD Mineral Sizers

MMD are the innovators of a new product IPSC system (In-Pit Sizing Conveying), which allows the flexibility of a mining shovel to be matched with the cost effectiveness of long distance conveyor haulage. The 9,000 TPH Fully Mobile Sizer Station is a new, cost effective engineering solution, which enables excavating, sizing and conveyor haulage process to take place in unison, along the mine face, advancing as it progresses. Heart of station is mineral sizer MMD 1,500 series out of MMD line up from 500 meeting any requirements with low CAPEX and OPEX. Welcome to Tabletop stand H at MINEX 2019.



Nomad Geo Service

The Kazakhstan Company NGS specializes in execution of geophysical work with the use of actually effective geophysical methods and progressive techniques of data processing, which allow finding of ore-bearing structures and deposits reliably. The company provides services on executing following geophysical work: magnetometry, electrometry, gravimetry, aerogammaspectrometry, as well as computer processing and interpretation of received and historical geophysical data. The development of reasonable recommendations for further work.

Top target of the company is providing high quality services which satisfy the international requirements to the work techniques and safety.


Exploration Services


RPMGlobal is the leader in the digital transformation of mining. RPMGlobal integrates planning and scheduling, with maintenance and execution, with simulation and costings, on RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework TM, the mining industry’s only digital platform that enables insight and control across these core processes. RPM‘s Advisory Team advise the global mining industry on their most critical challenges and opportunities, from exploration to mine closure. Their deep domain expertise, combined with their culture of innovation, and global footprint, ensures our mining customers continue to lead.



S&P Global Market Intelligence

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, we know that not all information is important—some of it is vital. We integrate financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuations and assess credit risk. Investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities globally can gain the intelligence essential to making business and financial decisions with conviction.
S&P Global Market Intelligence is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI).

For more information, visit  www.spglobal.com




Seequent enables better decisions about earth, environment and energy challenges.

Seequent’s solutions transform complex data into clear geological understanding. Stakeholders use this understanding to confidently make critical time-sensitive investment and environmental decisions. These decisions bring meaning, extract value, and reduce risk, cost and time.

The company is known worldwide as the developer of the revolutionary Leapfrog® 3D geological modelling software, now used in over 90 countries.

Seequent’s technology contributes to projects in a wide range of industries, including mining and minerals, geothermal and renewable energy, civil engineering and environmental.

Seequent’s global footprint includes its Christchurch-based HQ and R&D centre, and a network of offices in Russia, Australia, South Africa, South America, North America and Europe.


IT Solutions

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is the world’s first one-stop consultancy offering specialist services to mining and exploration companies for the entire life cycle of a mining project from exploration through to mine closure. Among SRK Consulting’s clients are most of the world’s major and medium-sized mining houses, exploration companies, banks, audit firms and government departments. Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974, SRK now employs over 1,400 professionals in 45 permanent offices in 20 countries on six continents. In 2010 SRK Consulting opened its office in Almaty. Opening of the office in Kazakhstan has allowed SRK Consulting to provide its excellent quality technical solutions with consideration of the existing national legislation in the sphere of subsoil use. SRK Consulting employs leading specialists in each field of science and engineering. Its seamless integration of services, and global base, has made the company the world’s leading practice in exploration, JORC Compliance, due diligence, feasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.



Terra Exploration

«Terra Exploration» LLP provides services in the information support with Earth remote sensing data (ERS), creating and development geographic information systems (GIS), organizing and systematizing data to solve various tasks in environmental design, ecology, environmental management, geological exploration, topography and cartography. Realization of geodetic engineering survey, land survey projects and reclamation.


Exploration Services

Wardell Armstrong International

With a history going back over 180 years, Wardell Armstrong and its Mining Group, WAI, is a British mining consultancy providing high-standard and value-added professional services to private and public mining companies, banks, audit and law firms, investors and government agencies.

Staffed by over 500 experts with extensive international experience in a diverse range of minerals, we operate worldwide from ten offices in the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan to help our clients get the best possible financial returns - while doing things in a sustainable, responsible way. Almost two centuries of British quality and traditions maintained by WAI make us one of the most trusted name in exploration and mining industry.

WAI provides a wide range of services from preliminary exploration planning, MRE, mine design, HSE, mine closure and financial appraisal provided at all study levels from Scoping Study through to Final Feasibility Study. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London Stock Exchange listings as well as TSX and Hong Kong.