Today, the information space is formed under the influence of many factors. Opinion about the company and its projects can be formed without the participation of the company itself – in the modern digital world it is not at all difficult to obtain information about the company. How should a company be and can participate in the development of its information space? Is it enough to be in contact with your partners or do you need to leave the “comfort zone”? Why is not enough simply providing the market with information about yourself and why industrial companies are engaged in the formation of a corporate brand. Who and how should be engaged in the creation of a corporate brand? How do strong brands help companies and organisations win internationally? How to make company events engaging not only for those who directly participate in these events, but also for millions of people in different countries around the world. Is it achievable? How to make an information occasion from a corporate event that would help the company to take its rightful place on the global information map? These and many other questions will be answered during the workshop “How companies talk?”.