Panel discussion 2: Future Mining Industry: developing potential for social engagement, education and innovation

Legislative changes for the development of Industry 4.0 in Kazakhstan. The National Plan for Digital Transformation in the Kazakhstani mining industry.  The experience of creating technology parks and innovative hubs. The future of the labour market. Future skills in the mining sector: how to achieve "fitness for purpose". Training programs for future specialists with the …

Technical session 4: The digital revolution in exploration and geological data management

Traditional and innovative geophysical, mineralogical and geochemical prospecting methods The main trends in modern exploration techniques New level of geological data management Organisation of electric prospecting works and interpretation of magnetotelluric and magnetovariational sounding data Fundamentals of automated field geometrisation Practical examples of discoveries of hidden mineralisation and potential ore fields using traditional and digital …

3rd Technological Innovation Competition

MineTech Business This competition is aimed at mining service and technologies companies. MineTech Invest The competition will provide a platform for innovators looking for business partners and investors who could assist with the transformation of innovative technology project into a marketable product.

MineVenture competition

The competition is open to exploration companies and subsoil users interested in attracting finance and investors for subsoil use projects in Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia.