1. What will the digitisation in the mining industry lead to?

Unemployment growth
Creation of new jobs
To the redistribution of the ratio of workers and IT specialities

2. Experience of which countries should be used as an example when planning and implementing socially oriented projects in the mining industry in Kazakhstan?

Experience of developed countries
Experience of developing countries
Experience of developed and developing countries.
Experience of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community

3. What limits social responsibility of mining companies?

Company framework
The boundaries of the region where the company operates
National borders
Responsibility is not limited to national borders

4. Why do companies need to spend money on creating a strong brand?

To make employees proud to be working for the company 
To facilitate attraction of new talent and qualified personnel  
In order to improve the investment attractiveness of the company and its projects
In order to receive the most favourable conditions from suppliers of equipment and services
To obtain the most favourable conditions for financing the company's projects
For all of the above purposes