1. What is the proportion of modern optimisation methods use at the modern mining enterprises in Kazakhstan?

Not more than 30%
Over 30%
Difficult to answer

2. What approaches to planning and optimising production indicators do you find most acceptable, western or adopted in the post-Soviet space?

Adopted in the post-Soviet space
Difficult to answer

3. Which key indicators in mining economics are most important when planning, technical or financial?

Difficult to answer

4. Will the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan ABOUT PREPARATIONS AND WASTE USE be promoted to stimulate the process of introducing new methods to optimize mining economy?

Yes, it will 
No, it will not 
Difficult to answer

5. Is permanent work necessary to search for optimal economic parameters of mining production, from exploration and design to the closure of an enterprise?

Not necessary
Absolutely necessary
Difficult to answer

6. How important is flexibility and efficiency in making decisions on changes in key indicators of production?

Certainly important
Not important
Difficult to answer