1. Exploration integrated geoscience - key challenges?

Appropriate software
Sparse and uncompleted datasets 
Limited  knowledge of geoscience disciplines 

2. The Canadian Goldcorp, together with IBM Canada, created an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE technology to predict the potential of gold mineralization processing various geological exploration data sets. Are you interested to use such systems in your exploration program?

No, we successfully cope without these technologies.
Not sure if this is applicable for us at this stage

3. What software does your company use for data integration and geoscience analysis?

Datamine etc package solutions
Wide range of products for different data sets
Do not integrate the geoscience data

4. Major exploration advancement in 2019?

Improved geophysical survey resolution
Drone survey- possibility to reach the difficult areas, lower cost
Image colour processing
Portable geochemistry (XRF, XRD)
Data integrating software

5. Major challenges in exploration in 2019 in Kazakhstan?

Diverse data quality
Lack of mapping, exploration, geoscience and management skills
Available finances
Problem to acquire exploration licenses