YILMADEN Holding is a leading global mining and metals company and one of the top high quality high carbon ferrochrome (HC FeCr) producers in the world. Currently YILMADEN comprised of 5 subsidiaries: ETI KROM, YILKROM, VOSKHOD, VARGON & TIKHVIN. The Company is constantly hunting for global opportunities and investments to develop its capabilities and productivity. While placing sustainability at the heart of all our strategies, decisions and actions, YILMADEN Holding focuses on exploring, mining and processing mineral resources with minimal impact on the environment. The company is the one & only company to produce Cr Ore and HC FeCr in 4 countries, putting the company at No. 4 in the Global Chromium Industry. YILMADEN Holding exports top quality materials to its valuable customers in more than 50 countries via well-located distribution centers all over the world. Headquarter is in İstanbul, Turkey. YILMADEN Holding is actively engaged in many projects in Europe and Asia, and plans to expand a global network to Africa and LATAM starting new operations, offices, exploration projects and joint ventures, adding to its global team of about 2000 employees. The criterion of the company is a qualified human potential which is the key to its success. Accordingly, the management of the company aimed to procure and recruit talent & expertise that is resonant with three core values: Passion for Excellence, Flexibility & Innovativeness. In addition to encouraging multi-country careers and leadership development, the management of the company aimed at the employment of local key people and gives priority to working with local merchants and using their services. YILMADEN Holding embraces a dynamic and honest business approach to use knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare and in promoting the safety and reliability of the company’s operations, products and services.