Evgeny Bessonov

General Director, Thermo Techno Engineering LLC

Bessonov Evgeny Vitalyevich. Born March 15, 1964.

- In 1987 he graduated from the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute with a degree in Physics and Engineering.
- In 2012 he graduated from the Higher School of Corporate Governance of the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation. MBA diploma.


- 1987 - 2002 years - engineer, head of the analytical control laboratory area
ON “Engineering Plant”.
- 2002 - 2009 - methodologist, manager of sales of analytical equipment
Thermo Techno LLC.
- 2009 - 2015 –Deputy Director General of Thermo Techno LLC.
- 2002 - 2015 - teacher of the X-ray analysis course of the Central Institute for Advanced Studies of PJSC Rosatom.
- 2015 - present - General Director of Thermo Techno Engineering LLC.

Work skills:

- Organisation of the laboratory of analytical control of the production enterprise.
- Selection among existing and development of new methods for performing analytical control, development of technical specifications, selection of equipment for organizing an analytical control laboratory, introduction of equipment into operation in accordance with methods adopted at the enterprise for analytical control.
- Conducting staff training.
- Organisation of work of a remote regional office.
- Company management.

04.04.2019 14:00 - Technical session 6 | Sary Arka 3

Automated analytical control at mining and metallurgical enterprises

The causes of analytical errors in the analysis of materials in the course of the process may be far from the laboratory. Moreover, in the literal and figurative sense. Even using state-of-the-art measurement tools, such as X-ray fluorescence and atomic absorption spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma spectrometers and mass spectrometers, the results of the analytical control largely depend on what we got for the material to measure. How much of the material transferred for analysis, the composition of the entire mass of the processed product? Is the portion being analysed “representative”? Can we judge from this small part of the composition of the entire technological product? The control of the technological process is impossible without the operational control of the composition of the processed product. If we get the results of the chemical composition in a few days, or even a week, we can hardly make adjustments to the technological process in a timely manner to preserve the effectiveness of the enrichment process. Therefore, now more and more automated laboratories are used, located in the immediate vicinity of the production site. The choice of means of measurement depends on the methods of analytical control applied at the enterprise. Thermo Techno Engineering LLC helps in solving the problems of organising analytical control at all its stages, from sampling to measurement, control of results and installation of LIMS.

04.04.2019 14:00 - Technical session 6 | Sary Arka 3