Vitaly Shakhmanov

Head of the department, Kuzbass state technical University

Born in Russia 24.07.1980 year in the city of Prokopevsk of the Kemerovo region. After graduating from high school, he entered College and after graduating in 1999 began his studies at the Siberian state industrial University. After graduating from the University in 2004, he began his career at the mining enterprise and in parallel work was carried out on writing a thesis. In 2016, he defended his thesis and entered the position of senior lecturer at the Prokopiev branch of the Kuzbass technical University (KuzSTU). 2018 lead Department in the branch Kuzbass state technical University.

04.04.2019 16:15 - Panel discussion 2 | Sary Arka 1

Dual form of training - as Interaction.

A brief analysis of global trends in the global industry is carried out. Some problems in the educational system are indicated. The dual form of training of specialists as a form of interaction of educational institution and production at a stage of preparation of specialists is considered. The results of real interaction are given.