Harri Rees

Exploration Geologist, SRK Exploration Services

Harri is an exploration and resource geologist with SRK Exploration Services and lives between the UK and Almaty. He specialises in high-level exploration targeting using GIS and remote sensing techniques, prospectivity reviews, exploration programme planning and geological field mapping. Harri’s background is in Resource Geology where he acquired specialist knowledge of geological data acquisition, QAQC and management, 3D geological modelling, geostatistics and producing and reporting Mineral Resource Estimates to JORC Code guidelines. Harri has worked on a variety of projects in Africa, Australia, Europe, Greenland, Central Asia and the Middle East.

04.04.2019 14:00 - Technical session 5 | Sary Arka 1

Hunting for Hidden Giants: Could a Mineral Systems Approach help to discover the next generation of world-class deposits in Central Asia?

An introduction to the concept of a Mineral Systems Approach as a regional exploration tool. The presention will describe selection of case studies where the method has been used to great effect around the world, and suggest that this method could be used to target new, previously ignored or hidden mineralisation districts in Central Asia which could host the next tier 1 deposit.