Mykhailo Nazarenko


52-year-old Mykhailo Nazarenko is CEO in K-MINE Inc.
In 1992, he graduated from Kryvyi Rih Mining Institute (now Kryvyi Rih National University).
In 1995, he became Candidate of Engineering Science and gained Doctor of Engineering Science in 2007.

He started from the director position in KRIVBASSACADEMINVEST in 1995 and made the company to take the lead in the field of development and application of information technologies.

In 2016, he founded a group of companies with offices in different countries.

His areas of expertise and interests are geoinformational technologies, mathematical modelling and economic-geological evaluation of mineral deposits, mining-and-geological design works, automation of mineral extraction and processing, integrated manufacturing control systems.

03.04.2019 16:00 - Technical session 3 | Sary Arka 3

Automating process planning and management at mining ventures

The speaker takes up the main points of design and functioning of automatic process control systems at mining-and-processing integrated works. He shows operation algorithms of such systems on change of mining-and-geological, technical, and technological operational parameters for equipment used in main workshops of mining-and-processing integrated works.

At present, the issue to apply modern computer technologies for management optimization in mining companies becomes increasingly urgent. Operation of modern mining ventures is unthinkable without automation of the most operational processes. And, the main current task appears to be integration of all automated systems into a single automatic process control system at mining-and-processing integrated works (hereinafter — “System”).

The mining and processing integrated plant has complex operational structure that consists of operational units such as ore mines, transport shops, crushing plants, dressing plants, etc. Therefore, organization of co-operation in all technological process stages is an important aspect for mining-and-processing integrated works. Mined ore is transported by several mobility means from the mine of the mining division (MD) to the crushing plant (CP), where it undergoes several crushing stages. Then, it is transferred to the dressing plant (DP) and further to the workshop of final production (concentrate, agglomerate, pellet, metallurgical extraction, etc.).

03.04.2019 16:00 - Technical session 3 | Sary Arka 3