Murat Urakov

Sr. Geophysicist, Phoenix Geophysics

Date and place of birth: Jul 4, 1965. Saratov Oblast, Russia.
1972-1982: High school. Almaty Oblast.
1982-1987: Leningrad Mining Institute. Geophysical Faculty.
1987-1991: Kazgeophysica Geological Organization. Airborne Geology-Geophysical Expedition. Nikolaevka town. Almaty oblast. Geophysicist.
1991-1995: Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Head of Department.
2007-present: Phoenix Geophysics LTD. Toronto. Canada. Geophysicist.

04.04.2019 14:00 - Technical session 5 | Sary Arka 1

Ultrawide MT system + Real Time (RT) monitoring

The report will highlight the achievements of the company in creating a new UW system of equipment for Magnetotelluric geophysical technique. There are going to be presented a completely new ultra-wide-band magnetic sensors, the instruments of the new generation (MTU-5C, MTU-8) with an indication of the technical characteristics, totally new SW package of processing programs.

There will be highlighted some examples of the successful application of the new equipment in the new approach to the study of the mineral system in general, and specifically the search for the mineral deposits in particular. Moreover, the applicability of the new approach in the search of the new deposits refers to all areas of the whole exploration process such as for solid minerals, for oil and gas industry, geothermal projects etc.

Also there is a new approach in the implementation of monitoring observations based on the above equipment.