Sergei Opanasenko

Chairman of the Management Board, ТОО «Научно-исследовательский инжиниринговый центр ERG»

Sergei is the head of ERG Research and Engineering Center (REC ERG) since April 2017. REC ERG is the innovative platform of the Eurasian Group, the main task of which is to implement breakthrough projects and commercialise new ideas that create additional value and synergy with the existing business.

Prior to joining the ERG Research and Engineering Center, Sergei has been a Director for Operational Efficiency and Innovation of the Eurasian Group for two years, and now continues to combine both positions. His main objectives now are implementation of an efficiency improvement program for manufacturing enterprises, management of innovations aimed at introducing new technologies and improving existing technologies, creating new products, monetising waste and improving the environment, carrying out internal business transformation and much more. Prior to ERG, Sergei was a Project Leader for the Metals and Mining Practice Area at the Boston Consulting Group for 5 years.

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