Serhii Baranovskyi


In 2005, he graduated from Kryvyi Rih Technical University.

He began his career in 2005 at KRIVBASSACADEMINVEST. He has also progressed from a specialist to the chief technical officer.

He participated in development of many important technological solutions and modules of GIS K-MINE

04.04.2019 11:30 - Technical session 4 | Sary Arka 1

Automated control system for mining works

The speaker highlights different aspects of usage of modern information systems and technologies for optimizing mining management processes.

At present, mineral industry has a desperate need in modern effective smart computer systems and technologies that provide rapid and reliable assessment of resources and inventory counting in the process of mining.

Operation of the modern mining enterprise is at the time virtually impossible without information systems and computer technologies. The specific nature of mining works has a certain influence on the type of the used software.

The current market of software for mining enterprises represents a variety of solutions, however, the most part of them covers only the major operations needed for engineering support of mining activities. To include the missing links, mining enterprises find and use software of different developers, that leads to extra costs (time and money) for data integration. As a result, the final solution is often inefficient.

One of the solutions that allows to integrate all basic and secondary operations for engineering support of mining activities is the automated control system for mining works (ACS MW) made on the basis of a single software platform (such as K-MINE).

The main object that is controlled in ACS MW is a mineral deposit and a mining-and-technical object used to its development (pit, mine field).