Yelena Borovikova

Non-mining Project Manager, Wardell Armstrong International

Yelena is an environmental scientist working with Almaty office of Wardell Armstrong International. She has a Master of Science in Environmental Management from School of Oriental and African Studies of London University. In the last ten years of work in mining sector, she gained a valuable experience on various ESIA, TDD, CPR and FS projects in CIS countries mainly in Kazakhstan and Russia. Yelena is conversant with national and international environmental standards and has excellent bilingual skills proven useful in local project coordination. Most recently, Yelena was involved in the delivery of Scoping Study report for a series of gold deposits in Northeast Kazakhstan, environmental and social audit of KRU Company coal projects in Kuzbass Region of Russian Federation, and ESIA for Kyzyl gold project also in Northeast Kazakhstan.

03.04.2019 14:00 - Technical session 1 | Sary Arka 3

Mine Waste Management as a Path to Sustainable Project Development